• Donegal Town: +353749725877
               Donegal: +353876257243
  • Letterkenny: +353868922082
              Sligo: +353852516118
  • chimneymaster1@gmail.com
  • Chimney Repairs & Flue-lining

    Chimney Repairs & Flue-lining

    Our technicians will survey the chimney, investigate the problem

  • Chimney acid

    Chimney acid

    Our latest product chimney acid which dries up tarry deposits that are impossible to remove with normal cleaning

  • Camera survey

    Camera survey

    We can also carry out camera surveys for intensive insurance claims, landlord compliance or any other reason you may like one.

  • Chimney cleaning

    Chimney cleaning

    Modern chimney cleaning is a clean & efficient service eliminating the buildup of soot or cresote in your chimney.

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